It all started in 1992.
Well, it really started before then...

Dave & Craig Garlick have been fabricating with metal since they were in high school. In 1992 they decided to make their passion a business and Interwest Manufacturing was born.

Over the years as more and more rough cutting was required before fabrication, so they looked for other ways to shorten the production process of casting, to rough cut, to machining, and fabrication. By 2002 they had not only discovered water jet cutting, but they were experienced enough to make it part of Interwest Manufacturing and so the added the "Waterjet Cutting" to the title.

They purchased a waterjet machine that year and began offering their services to other machinists, and anyone else who came to them for fabrication help. The rest is history. Although the Garlicks still fabricate the pieces they cut, should their customers want it, the business's main focus is now on abrasive water jet cutting. This Father and Son team would love the opportunity to help you bring your ideas to life.

Tools of our Trade

Our Flow waterJet has a large cutting table, 6 x 12 foot. It allows us to take your design from art to part. Flow waterjet are the world leaders in waterjet technology. Flow's roots date back to the early 1970's.

Flow Waterjet

Accurpress 717512 CNC Press

Our computer numerical control press is a workhorse! We've been using this machine since the late 90s and it is amazing. Capacity is 175 Ton with a 12 foot bed.




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